Sunday, February 26, 2012

due to my lack of posting..

I feel like I have lost my love for two things.


-Writing.  I used to love to write, I would write short stories in the summer; write letters, poems.


-Reading. If you didn't know where to find me, I would always be in some little nook reading a book.

Unfortunately, both of these habits require time, and an incredible amount of patience.  Both of which the teenage lifestyle limit severely.  But passions come and go, ebb and flow.  Time consumed changes hands, into predominately those of social media.

I just feel overwhelmed, sometimes.  I freak out that I have to apply to college in a few short months, that all of a sudden I'm growing up.  I'll have to do my own laundry and cook my own food.  I'm mostly worried about the latter of the two.

Everyone in this world has 24 hours a day.  For those of the school attending age, take 8 hours of that out for school and about 8 for sleep, if graced with a good night's sleep.  Use your time wisely.

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