Wednesday, August 31, 2011

every cloud has a silver lining.

to every hardship, something good comes out of it.

hard work pays off, let me tell you.

look what I got in the mail yesterday..

an invitation from the one and only Johns Hopkins University.
to attend an admissions conference.

I cannot contain my excitement :)
Johns Hopkins is the university I have dreamt about attending.
This is such a great opportunity!

Yeah I know it's backwards.  Thanks to Photobooth for that.
But, it says,

"You and your family are invited to join the deans of admissions from four of the nation's top colleges and universities for a presentation on academics, student life, and the application process."

Can't wait to go to that next week in Salt Lake!

And more exciting news,
I got my uniform!
Well, part of it.

Here's today's outfit.

 blue polo. khaki pants. typical.

Karl G. Maeser insignia and everything; I'm lookin pretty official.

Today was a better day.  After notes and letters of encouragement from countless numbers of friends, I had a much more successful day :)  I made a few new friends and am starting to enjoy my classes a little! 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Maeser; day 1.

I, Emily Vera Brown,

am drowning.


^^that's me drowning.^^

Here's how my day went today.

6:10 woke up.
6:15 showered and got ready for school.
7:00 dressed in my Maeser uniform.
7:15 drove to Maeser.

7:30 started 1st period. [seminary. a.k.a. church at school.]

8:25 started 2nd period. [AP Calculus. AB. 13 people in my class.]

9:20 go to 3rd period. [CHINESE 1. I'm dying. Ni Hao?...]

10:15 start 4th period. [AP Chemistry. funny teacher.]

11:05 LUNCH. that was awful. had a friend to sit by, but felt so incredibly lonely..

11:35 commences 5th&6th period. [what?! 5th&6th period? yeah. weird.. Socratic Seminar. English and History combined. Two hour seminar.]

1:25 starts 7th period. [Honors Government.. good thing I hate discussing politics.]

2:20 starts 8th period. [Computer Tech. last class of the day, wohoo! good thing I have 105 wpm, like I really need to be in that class...]

And school finally ends at 3:10pm.
going from 2:15 to 3:10 is a big change..
and having 8 classes a day rather than 4.
and homework for 8 classes every night.

yes, I'm drowning.

another word could describe me as OVERWHELMED.

Monday, August 29, 2011

and I took the one less traveled by.

I have made my decision.

Ladies and gentlemen...

I have been accepted to Karl G. Maeser Preparatory Academy.

I transferred today.

Tomorrow is my first day.

Uniform, and all.
I don't know what I think about this; I know in my heart this is everything that I need in my life, and this is the opportunity that will open doors constantly throughout the rest of my life.

And yet I'm devastated to leave my friends and school behind.

The plus side to this is that I can run track at Timpanogos still, because Maeser doesn't have a track team themselves.

The best of both worlds (sorta).

Prayer does a lot, people.  The Man Upstairs knows what's best for you, and if you listen to Him, He will get you to the places you need to go.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

two roads diverged in a wood.

Decisions cause too much stress to handle sometimes.

Opportunities show themselves.

Emotions overcome you instantly.

Tears come up into your eyes; you try and push them back.

A time constraint of 48 hours doesn't do much help, either.

One decision can change your life.  One simple choice.
And it can take you on a completely different course than you planned on being.

Or maybe you did plan on taking that route, just not as quickly as it came to you.
And it hits you that you have always wanted this to happen, but that the way it came about was definitely not the way you expected, nor as early as you expected.

This poem by Robert Frost sums up my every thought.

"The Road Not Taken"

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim
Because it was grassy and wanted wear,
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I marked the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

-Robert Frost.

I am at the head of two roads diverging in a wood.

I don't know which to take.
Maybe I'll take Robert Frost's advice, and take the one less traveled by.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

his name is.

and I said yes.

Can't wait to go to Homecoming with....

 Cam McGinn!

I have a fantastic date, absolutely cannot wait for September 10th :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

dancy pants.

I got asked to Homecoming.

My first dance.

cute :)

and the family survived.

I think it's time for a story.  One that is close to my soul, strikes fear in my heart, and brings tears to my eyes every time I share it.  

     It was the day after Christmas, in the year 2003.  A young family of four, a mother and father, and a daughter and son.  As a present from Santa, they received snowshoes the day previous.  The children, and parents as well, couldn't wait to go out into their favorite place, the great outdoors, and use the newly opened gifts.  The family packed up and drove up to their favorite canyon, and went to a place called Aspen Grove.  Many family memories had been shared there, and this was just going to be another great one to add.  
     They unloaded, and got on their way.  The father knew his cell phone would have no service up this canyon, but after the family had ventured off a ways, he had a strong urge to go back and get his phone.  He obeyed this prompting, not knowing why.
     The family continued on.
     Throughout the course of their snowshoe trek, little things kept holding the family back; the little girl had a bloody nose, the boy kept making his own trails, going off the main path.  All of these making the hike much longer than necessary.  After a while, the father noticed on the side of the mountain that there were some snowboarders up in the middle of the mountain, and doing some back-country boarding.  He felt the impression to count how many there were.  He counted 6.  The impression came again to count; a double-check.
     He now counted 7.
     Immediately this father recognized that these young teenagers were in an avalanche chute.  An extremely dangerous place to be in, as the night before had received several feet of new snow.  He started to worry for his family, but tried to think nothing of it, and to enjoy the time spent with his family.
     All of a sudden, the girl decided to look up at the top of the mountain above the snowboarders.  She asked her father,
     "Dad, what is that?"

     A billowing cloud of snow was racing a hundred miles an hour down the mountain side; rumbling like the sound of an earthquake, and the word death written across it.
     An avalanche.

     Death was a sudden reality, the parents of this family knew, and soon the children realized it too.  The father yelled, "RUN!" and they ran.  They ran as fast as they could through feet of snow, and made it about 20 feet further.  They crouched down, made pockets in the snow for air, and waited for the avalanche to cover them.  
     Wind speeds up to 80 mph, rock and debris being flung about like nothing; their lives flashed before their eyes, even the young children.

     And they were not covered.
     The family stood up; they were in a completely different landscape, nothing was recognizable.  Instantly the father pulled out his phone, prayed for a miracle, and called 911.

     The call went through.  He was connected to 911, and immediately got ahold of search and rescue and told them of the disaster.  Just as he finished the call, another rumbling started.
     A second avalanche was on its way.  There was no time for anything else but to have God on this family's side.  The family knelt in the snow and said a prayer, thinking that it could be their last together.
     As the second avalanche approached, they had no time to move, so they did the same as before, and hoped not to be covered as expected.
     The second one passed, and the family was not covered in snow.
     Now the family knew that they needed to get back or they would surely die.  But in order to do that, they needed to cross the avalanche path, a dangerous place to be, and in the wide open.  They decided to do so, rather than continue forward into the bowl where more avalanches could break.  The family made it about three quarters of the way across, when they heard a large "BOOM" and felt the ground drop; the snow settle into place.  
     A third was coming.  And it felt like the largest of them all.  This time the family was in the wrong place, right in the middle of where the flow would deposit.  They would surely be covered this time around.
     They were proved wrong, for a third time.  Not covered at all, but only by debris and blown snow, but not the snow pack of the avalanche.  
     The family ran for the trees, and made it back to the parking lot where they met with Search & Rescue; alive.

     The 7 snowboarders disappeared after the first slide.  Search & Rescue, along with the father, went out to search for the lost boys.  Four were able to dig themselves out.  Three were killed.

This was my family.
I was the little girl, just 8 years old.
My brother was only 6.


"The avalanche covered an area the width of three city blocks and a half-mile long with as much as 14 feet of snow..." (CNN news).

The avalanche hit near the end of a storm that dumped 29 inches of snow in the Sundance area in 24 hours, according to the National Weather Service. (LA Times).

This is exactly the picture I remember in my head.  And this is a picture of my avalanche, the one I was in.

This is the Search & Rescue team, my dad included, looking for the missing boys.

So many other details aren't included in this, and yet I think this is enough.  There are countless news articles, newscasts, and even the 911 call that my dad made on the internet; I've heard and seen them myself.  

I thank my Lord that I survived this disaster, and know that I did for a reason.  There was no possible way, when you look back, that my family was supposed to live through that.  Somehow, we did.  Greater things were meant for us; I plan on achieving something great one day.  This story just proves that I am destined to.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

i'm crumbling to pieces.

my life is falling apart.

I know it's not.
But it still feels like it is.

My parents are out of town through the beginning of school; I get to take care of a house, a brother, a sick dog, and balance my own life at the same time.

I feel like my friends hate me (no I'm not trying to have a pity party; sometimes I just feel a little unappreciated.)

I can't seem to keep my wits about school starting.  I have no school supplies and have to last 3 days unorganized.  I know I will never get back on schedule unless I start from the beginning, which I can't.

I still don't have a license.

I still have to balance practicing harp with cross country and studying, along with anything else seems to come my way.

And me, having a people-pleaser personality, feel the need and sole responsibility to keep everyone happy.

To make matters worse, 

WE LOST our first football game.  Against LEHI.  Who had lost 26 consecutive games until this game.
Our team wasn't supposed to lose that game. 

It's been a bad night.

No one's happy, here.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

words of wisdom to the school-attending crowd.

And yes, yet another school-is-starting post for you to read.

But, don't stop here!  I promise I have interesting things to say.

I remember when I was younger, looking at all the big sixth graders, thinking I would never get there.
And then I became one.

I remember when I was younger, looking up to the big scary freshman, thinking I would never be the people they were.
And then I was.

I remember last year, looking at the juniors, thinking they're old and wise (kind of.)
And now I am.

I love school.

Yes, I do.  And I don't love it just for the social aspect.  I love learning.  I don't care who you are or what you believe (sorry, not meant rudely), but I believe that when you die, you take all the knowledge you gain on earth with you, to heaven or hell.  So doesn't matter where you go, but as long as you are learning, you are gaining.  And keeping forever.

In 6 short days I will begin my junior year, grade 11, whichever you prefer.  The time where life really starts getting important, because you all of a sudden become real important to the universities.
  • Sports start to come into play.  Better get that Varsity Letter second year in a row.
  • Academics are always a key factor.  So what, I don't have a 4.0 GPA. But I take AP classes, honors, advanced math, and classes no one else wants to take.  A 3.9 with a story is much better than a 4.0 with the word [cheater] written all over it.
  • ACT and SAT college entry exams.  Always the stress of older high school students.
Then the overall feeling of growing up, and leaving home in a year.
I don't want to be on my own so soon.

This is what 6 days of my life brings; my junior year. 

As far as classes go for next year.. here happens to be my schedule:

A1- AP Calculus AB
A2- French 4
A3- Acapella SATB
A4- Computer Tech/ Gov & Cit
B1- AP Chemistry
B2- Calc Lab
B4- English Honors

Monday, August 15, 2011

Pardon me.

i like to change my blog.  it keeps me sane.  i'm not a consistent person, although i thrive on consistency.

and once again: it happens.

As my determined little self sat restlessly in my house, a thought came to me.

so, i did.

and, those tempting things called
played with my mind.
And i got them out.

As a result of jumping-the-gun and acting out of pure desire,

I fell.

And fell some more.

Pictures do it no justice, it looks (and feels) a lot worse in person.

I did this once already in the middle of a race in April.
My knee is completely scarred from it.
And here we go again, with another fall.

I cried.

Not because of pain, or hurt.

But because of disappointment.
I hate that word. I hate the feeling. It is the one feeling that I always try and avoid.
It brings more pain to me than anything else.

And the worst kind of disappointment is the disappointment in yourself.

It's okay, the fact my mother didn't sympathize with me and swore at me instead
It's okay, the fact I had to clean the tar out of my skin myself
It's okay, the fact I learned from this experience for my own personal benefit

But, I was still disappointed. I hate setbacks.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

(a) momentous occasion(s).

i have lived in my current house for about 2 and 1/2 years.
we have an entire finished basement.
we haven't had blinds, rugs, couches, chairs, or anything of the sort in our downstairs.
my house is never the hang out place,

so yesterday, a miracle happened. a very big miracle.

my mother bought a couch.
a rug.
a table with a lamp.

I know, right? For those of you who have been to my house, this is great news.

ALONG with this........

I now have a completely re-done room.
This, yet again, is a miracle.
Here's why:

I have slept on the same twin-sized bed since I was 4.
I had two other pieces of furniture in my room.
And I never wanted to be in that place.

And now...
I have a new bed. a couch. a rug. new chairs. a coffee table. new lamps and curtains.

I promise I will get pictures up sometime.. as soon as I find my cord to hook up my camera. It will happen one day.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

what a mood.

here's my mood: in music.
if you really want some good jams too. listen. these are some pretty chill songs.
basically, i like techno and weird stuff.


-Citizen Cope

-Crystal Castles

-Tegan and Sara




-Daft Punk

basically there are a million more. too bad i'm too impatient to try and figure out how to just put the youtube video straight on, and have to link them. still, listen anyway :) it's worth it!

Monday, August 8, 2011

pictures, finally!

So I know I just posted. But I feel as though I need to share with you just a few photos from this entire summer, since I haven't put any on. So, please enjoy. Africa pictures are coming later. That is a spiritual experience to remember for a lifetime. I'll share later :)

Le Tour de France

My Great Grandpa's tree

Me and Bennet fishing


grandpa's memorial

me and adam's Lord of the Rings sand castle.

Trevi Fountain, Rome



St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City

Pompidou Museum, Paris


aww. sometimes we love each other. my brother is the best.
sexy rain ponchos, huh.

school, school, more school.

Let's just say I have let my life get a little bit out of hand lately.

I need to take the SAT this fall.
I need to take 2 subject SAT tests.
I need to take the ACT this fall.
I need to school shop. Not for clothes. For supplies.
I need to run. I hate not feeling in shape.
I need to start a brag list for college.
I need to really start getting serious.


Looks like I know what I'm doing the next 2 weeks before school starts..
Time to start studying those SAT discs my mom gave me.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

a mistake or two.

sometimes, you make mistakes.
sometimes, you wish you could take back what you did.
sometimes, you regret.
sometimes, you act on impulse.
sometimes, you don't think.
sometimes, you hate to say it but know that YOU'RE WRONG.
sometimes, you disappoint.
sometimes, you get embarrassed.
sometimes, you get out of hand.
sometimes, you and your standards are compromised because of stupid decisions.
sometimes, you feel like you got slapped in the face.
sometimes, you wish people would quietly think things to themselves.
sometimes, you know you deserved to hear it.
sometimes, you are glad they did because you knew how stupid you were.
sometimes, you just need to give a good thank you for that slap in the face you just got.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Two words:

Girls Camp.

Oh joy.

A week in the wilderness.

You all know that painful feeling (those of you who have been able to experience it).

And you know what this means?

No blogging.
No cell phone.
No facebook.

For a week. I'm about to die, literally.
At least I have friends going. The only thing I'm truly missing are the boys :(

Get ready for a week of hormonal women and drama overkill!