Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Maeser; day 1.

I, Emily Vera Brown,

am drowning.


^^that's me drowning.^^

Here's how my day went today.

6:10 woke up.
6:15 showered and got ready for school.
7:00 dressed in my Maeser uniform.
7:15 drove to Maeser.

7:30 started 1st period. [seminary. a.k.a. church at school.]

8:25 started 2nd period. [AP Calculus. AB. 13 people in my class.]

9:20 go to 3rd period. [CHINESE 1. I'm dying. Ni Hao?...]

10:15 start 4th period. [AP Chemistry. funny teacher.]

11:05 LUNCH. that was awful. had a friend to sit by, but felt so incredibly lonely..

11:35 commences 5th&6th period. [what?! 5th&6th period? yeah. weird.. Socratic Seminar. English and History combined. Two hour seminar.]

1:25 starts 7th period. [Honors Government.. good thing I hate discussing politics.]

2:20 starts 8th period. [Computer Tech. last class of the day, wohoo! good thing I have 105 wpm, like I really need to be in that class...]

And school finally ends at 3:10pm.
going from 2:15 to 3:10 is a big change..
and having 8 classes a day rather than 4.
and homework for 8 classes every night.

yes, I'm drowning.

another word could describe me as OVERWHELMED.


  1. You'll get through it Em!!! Set your mind to it, and have a positive attitude.. Do your part, and God will take care of his. I promise!!! You are such a bubbly girl, you'll make friends soon enough. I'm sure this is so hard, and so stressful and that you feel alone and overwhelmed, and frustrated. But you know, change is sometimes just what we need. God had a different plan for you than being at Timpanogos. Whether it's something you wanted or not, this is going to teach you lessons that you wouldn't have learned otherwise. Hang in there girl, it'll get better. the sun's always brighter tomorrow!!!!

    1. This msg is an equivalent to a Facebook like to this post shared by Tiffanie. haha