Wednesday, August 31, 2011

every cloud has a silver lining.

to every hardship, something good comes out of it.

hard work pays off, let me tell you.

look what I got in the mail yesterday..

an invitation from the one and only Johns Hopkins University.
to attend an admissions conference.

I cannot contain my excitement :)
Johns Hopkins is the university I have dreamt about attending.
This is such a great opportunity!

Yeah I know it's backwards.  Thanks to Photobooth for that.
But, it says,

"You and your family are invited to join the deans of admissions from four of the nation's top colleges and universities for a presentation on academics, student life, and the application process."

Can't wait to go to that next week in Salt Lake!

And more exciting news,
I got my uniform!
Well, part of it.

Here's today's outfit.

 blue polo. khaki pants. typical.

Karl G. Maeser insignia and everything; I'm lookin pretty official.

Today was a better day.  After notes and letters of encouragement from countless numbers of friends, I had a much more successful day :)  I made a few new friends and am starting to enjoy my classes a little! 

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