Thursday, September 1, 2011

social butterfly?

I am quite the social butterfly, if you know me at all.
I'm constantly surrounded by people.  Not to totally be bragging about anything, its just my personality.
I'm most comfortable around friends; I think most people are.


my social life has disappeared completely.


I think that I am in the right place that I need to be in my life.

I really could never see myself leaving my friends and my entire social life; but now that I have temporarily, I have come across the advantages of this.

Not only do I have time to study, but I really get things out of the class, rather than thinking about my friends in the class, not focusing, and letting my mind wander.

I stopped feeling uncomfortable with the teachers and students in my class yesterday; I suddenly realized that it really wasn't that bad.
I kind of think that this is what college is going to be like.

You are just with a bunch of other students who want to be learning the most they can. (For the most part.. there's always an exception to everything.)  I started to notice myself realizing that I honestly didn't care if no one texted me after school, or even in school.  I stopped caring if no one talked to me in class, and just cared that I was there to learn.

I think college will be a lot like that too.

This leaves a lot more room for coming into your own; in some other people's words; a flower coming into bloom.

I realized life isn't about your friends today.

Because I can still be happy without them.

Here's something for you to enjoy.

I love this.
Even though I'm not a fan of tattoos, I definitely think this one is cool; there's a sort of sentimental value to it.

Have no fear, people.  Someone's always there to watch out for you. :)

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