Friday, March 16, 2012

questions answered. and tags.

i've been in quite an uncreative mood lately.  just living day to day is my current motto.
track season has officially begun; we have had two meets so far, and still loving hurdles with my life.
its when tori and i have our heart to hearts, cam and i soak each other with water bottles, and i continue to work as hard as possible.

so, i've been officially tagged. in one of those "questionnaires" for bloggers. i tend to shy away from these sorts of things, but tori would kill me if i didn't do it (love you sis).

--what is your biggest dream in life?
   probably going to medical school.  succeeding in life overall tends to drive my every action.

--who has inspired you the most?
   i've never really had any "idols" in my life, but i definitely look up to my teachers and instructors in school.  they know a lot more than you think about life; take the time to get to know them personally.

--what is your comfort food?
   if you know me at ALL.  you would know the answer.  Oreo's.  of course.

--if you have a heartbreak playlist, what are some songs on it?
   this is a hard one. definitely beautiful love by the afters. and every song ever written by adele.

--if you could kiss any actor, who would it be? (i'm stealing a question from tori)
   definitely Chris Hemsworth. Thor blew my mind, he is a hunk.

--how many kids is your ideal number?
   2 is the golden number.  one boy, one girl, just like my family.

--who are you best friends with?
   i don't consider anyone my best friend, just a best friend for certain things.  tor when it comes to track, syd when i need serious counseling and a laugh and discussing certain men, then zoe, addie and amy, the girls i spend every weekend with.  then the boys. trev, caleb, jake, hougs, cam.  they rock my world.  (obviously there are too many to count. i love everyone.)

--if you could switch places for a day with one person, who would it be?
   anyone who is living my dream. a traveller, lover, creator, and healer.

--favorite brand of clothing?
   anything from nordstrom.  i'm an eclectic dresser.

--what is your favorite dinner to eat?
   anything my dad makes, he is the real chef of the family.  :)

--what do you crave all the time?
   oreos. love. friendship. answers to all my questions. music. running. beauty.

alright enough about me. but there, i did it.
feel free to go ahead and answer these questions with your own answers!

i tag:

brittany b.
annie h.
nicole t.
taryn & taylor n. 

:) good luck girls!

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