Monday, May 30, 2011

complicated summer.

june 10.
arrive at my cousin's house in boston. spend the night. next day leave for Babson College for the Forum.

june 21.
go back to my cousin's house in boston. do all my laundry. change everything from the Forum suitcase to the France suitcase. ship the forum suitcase home.

june 22.
take a train from the Charles de Gaul airport to the real train station in Paris.
change trains. also don't lose stuff/get murdered/get raped, etc.
take a train to Brittany, France.
somehow meet up with Florence and Stephane (do i know what they look like? not exactly)

june 22-july whatever.
try not to cry in despair over the language barrier, try not to get homesick, etc.
finally, mom and dad and adam come:)
we do the whole Tour de France shindig.

july whatever-july 31.
mom, adam, and i go to africa. again. :) ah i love this work my mom does. i may just follow in her footsteps one day, we will see.

july 31. home.

august 2. (two days later)


oh dear...

then of course, two weeks later, school starts. well, there goes my summer! of course, i wouldn't trade it for the world :)

this, is my complicated summer.


  1. Mine consists of a pool and a lot of video games.

  2. i'm gonna misssss my sissy so much! :(

  3. ^^sounds relaxing jake.
    and tor im gonna miss you too!!!:(

  4. that sounds amazing Em, your so lucky!! :) good luck!