Saturday, January 14, 2012

becoming independent.

The past two weeks have been weeks of traveling.  I love the world.  One of the reasons why I love traveling and being away is that I learn significantly important life lessons along the way, and I come to understand myself even more.

things learned from this trip..
#1: I am a much better writer than I am a public speaker.  Including discussions with people.  I always seem to find a better way to convey what I want to say after I've managed to blunder through a couple sentences.  
#2: I ramble too much.  It's better to be precise and to the point, rather than ambiguous and wordy.
#3: The more I leave home, the more I miss my family.  The minute I stepped off the plane to Boston, I wanted to be back home with my mom and dad.  Unfortunately my years are winding down at home, less than 2 left.  My feelings are moving in the opposite direction than they should be.  I should be feeling more ready to leave home, but I'm starting to not look forward to it!
#4: Appreciate the life you live, but learn to accommodate the lives of other people as to not intrude.
#5: Don't forget the things that mom reminds you to take.  Such as toothpaste, lotion, or a razor.  You'll wish you had them, even though you told yourself you didn't. (minus the toothpaste. I just ran out after two days. not to worry.)

The list continues to grow every day.

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