Tuesday, January 3, 2012

the future [2012].

i know everyone has a post about 2011.  but not me!  this post, is about 2012.

2012 absolutely has to be THE year.  it seems like 2012 has been foretold countless times as the year of the "future".  Big things are going to happen, everyone.

in chronological order, friends.

1. preference will come. (i already have that special man in mind)
2. junior year of track season will commence.  i WILL make it to state this year. :)
3. i will turn 17.
4. i will finish my junior year! (ridiculous. i hate growing up.)
5. i will travel.  already have some trips planned.
6. i will enjoy my last (maybe) summer at home.
8. i will audition my harp concerto with the Utah Valley Symphony. (and make it.)
9. i will APPLY TO COLLEGE. (oh my word. i could cry.)
10. i will be accepted to those colleges. (well. some.)

and, last but definitely not least:
11. i will grow to be a more independent and disciplined individual.

like i said.  this year, is going to be BIG.

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