Wednesday, January 4, 2012

i am a woman.

As I grudgingly made my way downstairs to switch out the laundry, I had an epiphany.  A sudden realization, if you will.  Well, by all means, I know and have known since my birth that I am a girl, and that one day I would be a woman.  But, I accepted that fact today.

It has always been my mindset that women have every right to do everything a man does in the workplace.  And that still continues to be my viewpoint.  Nevertheless, I also believe(d) that me and my future husband would switch roles and he would be the "stay at home" and I would be the working mother, in the medical field of course.  Now, it is entirely possible that I could still be a doctor.  And that is still my goal, and always has.

BUT, (back to my epiphany)

I was born to be a woman.  I know how to fold clothes, put sheets on a bed, iron, cook food and follow a recipe, change a diaper, do laundry, clean, do the dishes, love unconditionally, nurture and teach, have patience.  Of course some of these things become more natural over time, after I have my own children.  But it was an important lesson to realize.  

It seems like the majority of teenage boys make those sexist jokes about women being in their "rightful place", but to be honest I don't think I could take the job of being a man.  I'm content with fulfilling my duty, but above all else still being able to reach my goals.

So ladies,

love being a woman, and love being you :)

(this was just an epiphany.  I'm still strong willed by all means.  It's just good because now I think I'll be okay being a mother. haha.)

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