Thursday, October 27, 2011


there's an eerie feeling,

when it comes to receiving your first letter from a missionary.
any letter from one, in fact.

my definition of a missionary:

a 19 year old boy who grows into a man, while he dedicates his life to and serves the Lord.

we will call this boy/man character HE.

he gave up his family, his social life, his studies in school, for two years.
and can never come home for holidays.  the only connection he has now is his freedom to write letters, and email his family.  and of course, a phone call on mother's day and Christmas.

and what is more amazing,
is how you can answer HIS prayers, through a letter.  out of pure inspiration.  i don't think i had said two full sentences to the kid in my life.  I hardly know him.

i think i will leave it at that.

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