Friday, November 4, 2011

harp is my life.

[[check out my video at the bottom of this post]]

I wish that young people of this generation would appreciate classical music. (I'm making a generalization here.  I know some do.  Most teenager's my age I know, however, don't.)

There is hardly ANY talent put into the rap, heavy metal, pop, hip hop, and what-have-you music of the day and age.  Really, though.  The only interesting part is the beat. (tssssssssssk. tssssssssssk.)

People say it's outdated, lame, boring, stupid, any number of other words to describe the "plain-ness" of classical music.  But honestly, you can't help appreciate beauty, can you?

The lives of composers were dedicated to their music, and years to even complete one masterpiece.  Each melody so meticulously pieced together, in order to define beauty without words.

These sort of thoughts and feelings run through me every day of my life because of the fact that I am a concert harpist.

Ever since a young age, I had wanted to play the harp.  I always admired it and knew that it was beauty, in and of itself.  So, when I was nine, I began to play.
I always felt like I started a bit older, my teacher's other students had been taking from her since they were four, or maybe five years old.

But I knew it was what I was supposed to do.  I quickly reached their level of performance, and after a few years, even surpassed them.

Now, it has only been 7 years that I have taken harp, but am currently working on the Handel Harp Concerto to audition and play with the Utah Symphony next fall.

Here's a video of a competition that I did at BYU.  (The second song is cooler, they're both beautiful though.)

if you like this, and know anyone who would be interested in having a harp at any sort of venue, I play for all sorts of things (I have to do a little bit of marketing myself, right?)
I have played for:

-wedding receptions/weddings
-accompanied choirs/orchestras
-you name it :)

seriously, though.  If you know anyone that would be interested, or you yourself would be, please send me an email at [] or comment below, I would love to hear from you :)

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  1. WEE should do a duet sometimes. That would be amazing.. Juss sayin yo.