Thursday, November 17, 2011

24 hours isn't enough.

excuse my ignorance.  the past few weeks have been.. well. on the busy side. for a lack of anything better to say, (and my excuse for not posting anything) here is the agenda for the next two weeks of my life.

tomorrow:   government memorization.

saturday:     play harp at the hospital for a program my friend and i are starting. (details later.)

sunday:       give 5 minute talk on humility in church.  thanks, father.

[thanksgiving break.  thank the heavens.]

monday:     essay on the Scarlet Letter due for English. haven't started.

tuesday:      play harp for a social event for an organized group of older ladies in my church.

wednesday:            government project due. haven't begun to think about it yet.
wednesday again:  play harp at my youth group's weekly activity at an old folk's home. lovely.

friday:        speech for government. memorized. awesome.

saturday:               ACT. first time taking. scared for my life.
saturday again:      play harp at the Christmas Home Show.

not to include all the time needed to spend practicing for all my little harp performances that i don't have time for, the track practices that i'm supposed to be starting to go to, the other time consuming homework that would lengthen this post from here to Timbuktu, etc.

24 hours is not enough time to eat, sleep, think, do homework, spend an hour with a tutor every day, run with my coach, and go to 8 hours of school.  NOT. HAPPENING.

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