Monday, November 21, 2011

i wish i was a boy.

i hate being a girl.

besides the obvious of the monthly occurrences and even the thought of bearing children (nasty), being a girl is absolutely horrendous.

#1. we have hair.  that has to be given daily attention in order to control.

#2. make up? so not worth it. no one really notices anyway, unless you slather it on until you can't tell what color your skin is any longer, bronze, or peach.

#3. "Hey gir--" oh wait. we hate each other. i'm not supposed to talk to you. seriously? get over it already!

#4. i don't care who your boyfriend is.  i'll be friends with him if i want to, AND you don't own him. and just the fact that he is captain of the football team student body president baseball star starting varsity basketball point guard DOESN'T make you any better in the eyes of other people.  moral of the story, don't be shallow.

that is all.


  1. LOVE! it's soo true. especially the part when girls think they own their boy friend and we can't even talk to them if we wanted... hmm. girls suck. haha. ps your blog is way cute!! (:

  2. Oh gosh Emily! You are so cute and talented! You've created something really great here! :)