Tuesday, July 5, 2011

apologies to the readers:

events of tomorrow worthy of blogging:

going to market day (to shop)

picnic. in the rain.

(because of^)


yes, i am a very lucky gal. i'm going to go watch.
the tour. the famed race that i have watched every year on TV ever since i was a gal.
the route happens to go through the little town i am staying in :)

okay fair enough,
i am experiencing many things here that lots of people won't ever be able to.
and i am truly lucky and grateful for it.
some of you may be thinking to yourself,
"wow she's so boastful and brags about everything she's doing!"

i'm sorry if you think that. that's not the point of sharing these things with you, those of you even reading my blog.
the point is that this is basically my journal, and one that YOU lucky people get to read into.
I'm sorry you may think that this is bragging of me.
And i do quite realize that.
But this is me just completely being honest about what I'm experiencing; and the excitement that comes along with it.

Now on the contrary, wouldn't it be boring to read:

Oh so uh today.. well today i ate breakfast, and i talked to Florence. then we found out that the Tour de Fance was going through our town. so were going. a good coincidence that I'm here at the same time it's going on.

or this:

Hey. I'm gonna be in Rome next week. Peace out homies.

I believe that is no way to blog and write about what you do or feel (because thats what a blog IS, right? at least for some people.)
Just my opinion, though.

So, all I'm saying is this: Read my posts about my exciting once-in-a-lifetime experiences with an open mindset. Don't shut out what I'm doing and be angry with me. I am not a bragging type of person. This is just my opportunity to really write about the kinds of things that are special to me, and things that I will remember for the rest of my life; things I hope you will find interesting to read.

That will be all for today.

1 comment:

  1. Dearest Emily, know that we love you are miss you much.
    I have written you daily, but for whatever reasons, it gets lost. I am so sorry. I have written you two poems, since I loved yours so much, but they are lost.
    Continue to have a wonderful time, even a little home sickness isn't bad.
    Don't worry about what others could be thinking, just be yourself and have fun and keep writing.
    Much love, and I hope this will get to you this time.