Friday, July 1, 2011

let's play categories. and discuss,

please, everyone.
let's be big people, for once.
it's like we look at someone and automatically pick them up; "man-handle" in the words of Owen Wilson in the movie Night at the Museum, and just put them in whatever little shelf we have categorized in our own worlds.
for example:

(then come the subcategories)
-popular b*tch
-chill popular
-follower of the populars, becomes popular themselves
-popular because of the jealousy of others to be like them
-the "pretty" populars
-etc, etc.

(yeah dont really call it that anymore, but you all know what im talkin' about.)
soccer and track/field? no. they're just losers.

swear, drunk/hungover at school, tatts/piercings, what have you, etc.

-the ones who read.
-the ones in band.
-the ones in orchestra.
-the ones in choir.
-the ones who know every answer to every question in class.
-the ones who are smart.
-etc, etc. too much falls into this category. basically anyone who isn't "cool"

and here's the group of people that i've made in my world, who i dislike the most.

*the fake girls (and boys) who put on such a "great" outer appearance; who give those shallow compliments to everyone, who say they hate school, who go out and party every weekend, who copy their friends homework just cause they're pretty and "so nice", who somehow in this world get all the attention they ever need focused on them.
*these kinds of people take the AP classes just to get the college credit, and so their parents are happy.
*these kinds of people complain and complain and complain about how hard their life is and beg for attention for it.
*these people are so fake, it drives me crazy.

in my mind, this isn't an outward kind of appearance (although that is included on this one too), it's more based on behavior.
and man, do these people need an attitude adjustment.

whenever i felt put out about something and pouted around my family, my dad always tells me, "Emily, you're having a badattude."
It always just invigorated me more when he would say that.
Nevertheless, i always knew he could never be more right.
Anyway, that was just a tangent. But I felt like I needed to put that out there.

I feel like I don't really fit in any of these categories though. And I hope that people don't put me in their own derrogatory categories of their own, because I try so hard to never do anything that would make it seem like I was an enemy.
-I actually like school. In fact I love it. Would this make me a nerd or a loser?
-I take AP classes. As many as I think I can handle. And not only for the credit, but because I'm in a good setting there, with other people who are willing to work hard; a good surrounding, and where I can learn to the best of my ability. Does this make me a loser yet again?
-I'm in choir; I'm a musician and I love to sing. Does that make me a choir geek?
-I love to read. I had a stagnant period of my life where my love for it was clouded by the pressures of peers that "reading isn't cool". It's a good thing I rediscovered my passion for it this summer. But once more, am I a loser because of this?
-I love to write. Poetry. It's something close to my heart that I have a hard time sharing with others. It's something that I have sheltered and hidden very deep within me, because I'm afraid of criticism. So afraid of the jabbing thoughts that could blow out that little kindling inside me, that could blow out instantly because I haven't let it grown; haven't fed and nourished it.
When people bring up poetry, or there's a poetry assignment given in class, I usually just dismiss the subject with my friends. "Oh yeah, pssh. poetry. yet again." And that's that. Even though I always feel so completely awful about saying that because it's not what I truly feel.
Maybe someday if I get the courage to, I'll share my poems on here. And yeah. I'm sure plenty of people when they read that will automatically dismiss me; pfft yeah. she likes POETRY. who likes poetry, she's a freak.

Thanks for letting me go off on my tangent yet again, on poetry.
So, the lesson to be learned here is:
DON'T FOLLOW THE CROWD. obviously. be the kind of person you want to be, go ahead and do what you love even if "the norm" says no! do it because it makes you happy :)

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