Thursday, June 30, 2011


I wish so badly that you could all see what i get to see.
every day.

pleeeeease look up the town Lantic, in Brittany France for me on google images.
it's honestly the most beautiful little place. and all the surrounding towns.

just imagine rolling hills, with fields of golden wheat and the green rows of corn.
of course along all the sides of the roads are covered with wild flowers. :)
something that sets this region apart are two things:
not only is this beautiful farmland with the cottages all around,
but there are forests.
it's a jungle, then when you come out of the jungle, its beautiful fields,
then you go back in under the trees.
it's in and out,
and of course, don't forget about the flowers.

oh, and did i forget to mention that the ocean is 10 minutes away.
so when you get to the top of a hill,
you look out.
and there it is.
oh it's amazing. i told you about the cliffs. yes i definitely could write a book on it.

yesterday i decided that i better do something about all this butter and sugar and chocolate i have been eating every day,
so i went on a run.
at sunset. about 9:30 or 10:00.

i got to run through this countryside.
this absolute BEAUTY.
i see now why my dad loves our ranch that we have.
it's sort of the same that way; in that it's far away from everything.
a place to forget your worries.
a place to wonder.
a place to enjoy without distractions.

and for me,
a place to run.
run away from my fears,
run away from everything i hate,
run away from life,
forget myself,
forget you.

i can just be. be a new person when i run.
i guess thats why i love to do it.

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