Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Part 1: CHECK.

The forum was absolutely amazing. By far one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life. It changed my entire perspective on my interests in medicine and also learned a lot about myself.


All morning we had our Medical Ethics Caucuses on differentmedical issues including Animal Testing, Universal Health Care, and Sex Selection.

My group was chosen to fight against Universal Health Care. Then we listened to some people talk to us about HIV/AIDS. Stuff I'm used to. Then we had our freaking awesome Variety Show (talent show) which was so much fun :)

Saturday: FREE DAY.

We did a public health simulation, which was a little bit boring, but then we boarded the bus for HARVARD SQUARE. Second best day of the week by far. We went to Cambridge and got to walk around and see the sights for 5 hours. I got some shopping in, plus photos everywhere. Not to mention photos at Harvard University campus. Then that night we had a DJ Dinner/Dance. It was CRAZY. The East Coast knows how to party. Although the downside was that lots of kids were drunk and it was a massive grind fest (ew). Goodthing i participated in neither.


The day started off with suturing bananas (for all of you who don't know the term: it means stitching someone up) and practicing taking blood pressure. Then we did some Lessons in Leadership (for all those people i asked to take that online survey, yeah i read everything you said about me. for some of you… im on to you.) Then we boarded the bus for CENTRAL BOSTON and QUINCY MARKET. This happens to be the best day of the week. Not number one activity or single thing i did, but day in general. I got lots of shopping in again (yes i know it was a sunday, but it was my last day in the states to get anything i needed or wanted for the summer), and then we got to walk the FREEDOM TRAIL. I saw Paul Revere's house, the Old North Church (where the lanterns were hung: one by land, two by sea, etc.) Then got some gelato (delicious) and had a great time! We walked down on the boardwalk at Boston Harbor, which was absolutely beautiful. It was overall an amazing day. The weather was beautiful. The sites were too.


We did some med sessions, and lectures on Public Health again, and then did a disaster triage simulation. Then we had another med session to prepare for our DINNER CRUISE in BOSTON HARBOR.


cruise. on a boat. [yes they played i'm on a boat; it was crazy.]

we cruised around boston harbor, saw the skyline from afternoon to sunset to sundown. We partied and danced hard again.

Beer was smelled everywhere by everyone, again. (not my favorite)

again the grinding was unnecessary. but. it was so much fun. we got back terribly late. i was exhausted.

Tuesday (TODAY):

I checked out. Said my final goodbyes. Cried.

I already miss everyone SO much. and i miss them all more than ever. especially my New Zealand friend (this kid). yes, he had an accent. it was amazing. he lives in New York. sorry, he's mine. i was his "big sis" the whole week. Love you Jordan!

Now, i'm just waiting for the planned time of my departure to the Boston Logan Airport for my 7 hour plane ride to the Charles De Gaulle Airport in FRANCE.

Currently i'm 2,250 miles away from home.

Tomorrow, i'll be over 5,000 miles away.

Wish me luck.

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  1. i miss you too big sis! you HAVE to come visit me in new york :) love you emily