Monday, June 27, 2011

long days

So i guess it wasn't that bad after all, leaving my stuff.

I just used my finger to brush my teeth.
And didn't shower.
And I just slept in my underwear :)

So on Sunday since I forgot everything, I couldnùt go to church, which is what I was planning on doing.
Quite a disappointment.
I slept in instead.
Not a bad replacement, i must say.

So I woke up at probably 11:30, had a cup of hot chocolate for breakfast (by the way, their chocolate is AMAZING. I'm sure you already knez that, but it's not only the chocolate chocolate, but their powdered, packaged, and stored chocolate. Pudding, hot chocolate mix, etc. All. One Thousand. Times. Better.)

After my breakfast, we started cooking lunch. Like a half hour later.
Here's one thing about the French: their meals are HOURS LONG.
They start out with appetizers, and plenty of drinks. The French drink like nobody's business.
That goes on for an hour or so.
Then, they start cooking dinner.
An hour or so later, then it's time to eat.
So for two hours, you sit around a table waiting for food.
I don't like it.
The other thing they do is they have cheese and salad as their last course.
Kind of different, you might say.

I ate one of those shrimp-like things (the ones with eyes and legs....) on Sunday as well.
I didn't like it.
But hey I don't like shrimp anyways.

So after lunch we went to Fanny (the cousin of Florence who is 17)'s accordion concert. Yes she plays the accordion. Pretty cool I think; she's good too. After that we went down to the beach (a beach of rocks. No sand. They apologized for the lack of sand and said the next beach would be better.) We only stayed an hour because we needed to get back for dinner. This time it was short, only an hour this time. Then we went home, finally, where I was able to have a shower, charge my phone, and talk to my parents.

The other thing that is driving me insane besides the meal schedule is..

A french keyboard.

Just when you think it looks normal, a key is in the wrong spot.
Plus, you have to use shift and things like that to get normal punctuations, etc.
Because I've had to use one every time I use the internet because my computer won't connect here, sadly.
And now that I switched back to my computer to write this,
It's ridiculous.

Anyway, that was yesterday.

And now its today.
Who knows what crazy things will happen today?

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