Saturday, June 11, 2011

a rough start.

well, i made it to BOSTON.

home of the RED SOX. my favorite team.

*checked my 2 suitcases (2 months of travel is quite a bit)
*boarded the plane
*sat on the second to last row on the plane (naturally)
*slept the 4 hour plane ride
*arrived in cold, windy, rainy, and most of all HUMID weather.

to top the weather.

i left one of my suitcases at the airport.

i haven't ever checked more than one suitcase.
so i forgot.
of course. its okay though. im going to pick it up tomorrow.
it was a rough start. but i got it!


last post for the next ten days;
i will not be taking my laptop to the FORUM.
au revoir until the 21! i will post pictures ASAP :)
here's one for now:

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