Thursday, June 16, 2011


im back!
i have missed blogging like none other.

but i discovered the computers for public access at Babson in one of the buildings!!


so here's a rundown of everything so far:

checked in. met a whole bunch of people. ate some good food. got my dorm room all set up. met my roomates.

session after session after session.
no joke, it was an overload. lectures on Problem Based Learning, lectures on medical ethics, lectures on lots of things.

breakfast. TUFTS UNIVERSITY. probably one of the coolest things. got to see all inside this top 20 med school, get to really know about what being a med student is like, and really understanding about their experiences in school. the highlight of the day was going to the...
yes. i did hold the following:
a heart.
a kidney.
a liver.
a stomach.
so. incredibly. awesome.
then we had a med session with an orthopedic surgeon resident. super cool experience.

two words: LIVE SURGERY.
yes. we watched a LIVE surgery of a TOTAL KNEE REPLACEMENT.
it was absolutely amazing. so incredibly eye opening!! probably the coolest medical-related experience i have ever had. then we had a fun scavenger hunt to fill our entertainment quota for the day. more med sessions on health care and public health. it was interesting to discuss because that's what my mom works with as well.

Thursday (today):
one word: HARVARD.
Harvard med school. yes. supposedly so amazing. i've already been there, as i have two uncles working as biochemists at Harvard themselves. no joke, i was very disappointed with Harvard. We spent two hours in their bookstore, The Coop, where i blew $100 on Harvard attire (dashing, i must say), and then we proceeded to the mannequin simulation.
This simulation is a doll that is $200,000. He blinks, breathes, has a heart beat and pulse, blood pressure, can SPEAK to you, responds to medication, and a number of other things. I could go into detail about this for an hour. It was cool because we got to participate in a simulation of an actual emergency with the mannequin. We would speak to it and he would respond. Really impressive :) Then we left. Although it was a disappointment that we spent more time at The Coop than we did in the actual school, it was still a pretty impressive experience.

Now i'm at an ice cream social.

I'm lovin this.
Sorry i don't have any pictures. I forgot my camera cord, like i said. My dad shipped it to me today so i should have it for France. Can't wait! i'll try and update a little bit later in the week. Love you all. Farewell.

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  1. I'm so glad you are posting!! Give us more detail...not just a run down of what you did.