Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a thousand words.

Every day on my adventures, I think of a thousand and one things that I want to blog about.

And then when I sit down to actually write them down, nothing comes to me.
You know, I want to write a book someday.

I feel like that would be the one way that I could explain myself, get all these thoughts out of my head, and share them with others; I believe they are beautiful.
The only thing about writing a book is that you have to actually write it.
I would love to dictate it to someone, and they can write if for me.
That's what I will do when I'm old; pure joy.

Anyways. Just wanted to pu that out there. Now for today and it's many adventures.

Today couldn't be described in any amout of words;


Oh, how true this statement is.
This morning I went to l'iles de Brehat with Florence's parents.
Please, go ahead and take the time to "google image" that. It will definitely be worth your time.
Probably one of the most beautiful, exotic, ancient and historic, cultural, and interesting places I have ever been, all packed into one tiny island.

Here's a little background of the island:
*It's inhabited. But only through family inheritance: if you wanted to live there now, it would either cost you billions of dollars to buy a house there, you can't build one yourself because there's no room to, and even if you did have the money to, no one would sell it to you because of the difficulty to accquire one in the first place.
*There are no cars on the island. The only way to get anywhere is to walk, or on bike. Which is what we did today, rode a bike around an island. The only car on the island belongs to the doctor. Not even the miniscule fire department has a car (they get golf carts)
*The houses are some of the smallest houses I have seen. And they are your typical, cottage style French houses that you think of. Colored shutters and matching doors, thatched roofs, open windows, etc. And of course the walls of the house covered in flowers; pink, red, and magenta. Hydrengias lining the walkways. And a picket fence. My dream house.
*The history of the island is insane, and I don't have nearly any room nor the patience to tell you any. If you are so inclined, look it up on Wikipedia.
*They have amazing food. Crêperies aplenty, and fresh seafood at every little café (my selection today was mussels and french fries, then a delicious chocolate souffle).

I hope I haven't bored you yet. Because we're not even to what I did today yet.
As to not delay you any longer, here is a quick synopsis of my day (not too detailed to take too much time, yet enough to try and get my point, rather the image, across.)

First we drove past St. Quay-Portrieux down to the harbor, where we boarded the boat to take us across the the island. We then continued on a 40 minute tour via boat around the entire island. We were shown all sorts of different historical lighthouses, moulins (mills; the kind that are powered by water), old historical harbors and houses, so many other things as well.
Then we proceeded to walk from the dock to the island (arriving at low tide=a far walk) and got ourselves some lunch. As I said before, lunch was mussels, the most I've ever seen, and eaten, at one sitting. Then we went and rented our bicycles. Mine was totally an old beach cruiser. It had a basket. Then we rode around the island, visiting different sites. We first visited the Paon Lighthouse. It is built on le granite rose, and is a beautiful lighthouse, one you definitely wouldn't typically see in America; its architecture is outstanding. Then we went to another lighthouse/tower belonging to the defense of entry military. Then it was on to the Saint Chapel. An interesting little church, but the view from atop will always be in my memory; tiny cottages dotted across a landscape of rolling hills of fields and tropical foilage. The overcast weather added to the entire effect. After that was a visit to the moulin, or water mill. Then we rode around some more, discovering all sorts of little parts of the island. To finish off the day, i purchased gaufre au chocolat (a chocolate covered waffle), which was absolutely delicious. I can't get enough of the chocolate here. It's a thousand times better, obviously.
Then the boring part. Went home. Slept on the boat. And in the car.

I swear. It takes SO MUCH ENERGY to listen. I definitely take knowing a language and recognizing what people are saying to me for granted. Because when you don't unconsciously know what is being said, there's a good chance you don't know when someone tries to say something to you unless they mention your name. It's a good thing people have noticed that about me. So, all this intense listening is taking a lot of energy out of me.

So, that was today. This week's adventures include: Seeing my cousins and grandparents (WAHOO. so incredibly happy they are coming to visit as well. it only means my family comes soon.) possibly watching horse jumping...?? i don't know the correct term for it. But when they jump over those high posts/hurdles. and several other things that i don't know about!

i can't wait, and neither can you.
Stay tuned, folks.

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