Saturday, June 25, 2011

an Unexpected day.

An overview:

Last night for dinner we had Ratatouille.
I consider that extremely important to the French experience.
After dinner, we went into town to "La fête de l’été" or the party for the beginning of summer.
Kind of like our Summerfest.
Before we went to the fête though, we decided to go to la mer (the ocean). I just expected a beach and a typical ocean.

There, right in front of my eyes, was the most beautiful ocean scene i have ever seen. It was cliffs, beautiful cliffs, with a small beach as well. There were rolling hills of wheat fields; and little cottage houses as well. Absolutely amazing. We walked around for some time, taking pictures and walking out to the edge of the cliffs. Then we went back to the fête.

But instead, they make a ginormous stack of branches and burn a fake witch at the top.


Instead of watching the burning, my eye caught something else:


yes. a beautiful, white, extravagant building calling my name in the distance.
I went with Florence to go see it.
We were the only ones at the château because everyone else was watching the witch burn.

Consequently, we got to meet the Countess of the château. (yes people still live in them)
She introduced herself, and we introduced ourselves. We explained that my great grandpa was the american pilot whose plane crashed in their town in WWII and was the one who changed the entire history of the town itself (that is another story for another time; when there is more of it).

She immediately invited me to take a tour of the inside of her chateau.
No one gets to do that.
Highlight of the night by far.

Also at the fête, there was traditional dancing and singing from the region of Brittany, plenty of crêpes to eat and plenty of drunk teenagers. It was fun nevertheless.


Here's a quick view of today:

Woke up later (9:00).
Left for Brest for Florences' brother's house (Other side of Brittany; one hour away)
Little did I know that we were sleeping over in Brest....
Good thing i grabbed my swimsuit last minute.

This afternoon we went to a small harbor and watched the boats, and looked at the scenery.
Then we went to a park.
It was full of flowers.
Those are so expensive in the United States.
And rare too.
They grow like weeds in France.

In this park, there are 50 different varieties. I took a picture of the sign for proof.

Also in the park there was a little zoo....
an emu.
llamas. ( :) )
deer. (ha)
rabbits. (also plentiful here. common pets by everyone.)
many other random animals.
quite interesting.

Then we came home for dinner. Which just finished.
It's 12:30. In the morning.
It started at 9.

I don't have anything.
No pajamas.
No contact solution or case.
No toothbrush.
No clean clothes for tomorrow.

Oh well...
I learned my lesson.

Listen more closely when you don't quite understand where you are going.....

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