Wednesday, June 8, 2011


for the past 3 weeks, i have been email-ing back and forth with our family friends in france that I'm going to be staying with. every time i get an email back all in french, it gets me excited beyond belief! Florence tells me all about what sort of things her two young children like to do (Nils loves to play with cars and Luann plays with Barbies, not much different than any American child!) they also love to bake cookies and cakes, which is good for me, because i do too. Florence teaches an elementary school class, and i'll have the opportunity to go in to class with her and read English children's books to them, and show them pictures of Utah. This is something that no one else is going to experience on their little touristy french vacation. Yes, it is a THOUSAND times harder. Not going to lie. i do use google translate for half of the emails i send and receive.

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