Friday, July 15, 2011


my entirety is stretching.

body in one place.
mind and soul in another.

i miss home like none other.
being with my family eases the yearning,
but it's just as if its a little teaser;
playing with me, taking me one way or another.

sometimes it hurts.

it hurts every day.

to see and hear what all my friends are doing at home.
the memories they have together.
all the good times.

i miss that more than anything.

you know something, yes i do get to do all these big things and have all these big things sometimes,

but i would almost rather have the smaller things.

i want to get my license. yes, i am 16 and passed my test with a 98%.
i want to have a tan and not be embarrassingly white when school starts.
i want to be with my friends, and have no worries.
i want to sleep in every day, and read.
i want to go to movie premiers. or actually see them when they come out.
i want to be able to text and call my friends.
i want to be able to walk over to my best friend/next door neighbor's house and eat Oreo's with her.

please, don't take what you have for granted. i value these things so high and would trade them for anything.

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes, by getting away from it everything,
    You find out the best place to be was where you came from.
    It IS the little things that become so precious to us.
    Friendships, family, sleeping in your own bed, being in your own room.
    Swimming with friends, and just hanging out from time to time, and having your own drivers license. You have taken on a lot for a little 16 year old, and you are only 16 once. I love you, honey. I love your poetry, and the great thoughts that you share.
    You will look back on this time and realize that it was a growing experience, and you probably won't think about the things you may have missed while you were away. Hang in there sweetheart, August will be here soon.