Thursday, July 7, 2011

realizations; and then castles.

I had a sudden realization today:

I only have 2 more full days in France alone.

This brings joy and sadness to me.
The joy is the sweet news that this means my FAMILY is coming.
My real family.
My mom.
My dad.
My brother.

My small little family of 4. You may say that it would be awful to only have one sibling; I disagree.
I believe it is perfect.
They are currently on their way to Germany, as I write. I am completely and totally 100% JEALOUS.

The sadness of this news, however, is just the fact of it coming to an end.
This has almost become my second home.
I know where everything is now, I know how to get to grandma and grandpa's house, I know how to get to the beach, I know how to get to the store. That's all I need.
I love the feeling of being on the other side of the globe from everyone you know.

It's a rebellious kind of feeling; one of excitement.
Except I'm no rebel, obviously.
I thought going and getting my hair cut without anyone knowing was rebellious.
Quite lame, isn't it.
Anyhow, that is besides the point.

I am excited to see my family. More than these simple words can tell you. Nevertheless, it will be bitersweet.

As for today, it was an eventful day.
The morning was slow, which was good. I like that.
Then we left for the market.
I love markets.
So, expectedly, I loved this market.
I bought a typical Bretagne sweater.
I won't tell you what "typical Bretagne" is, until I have pictures. Ha.

Then we drove out to Cap Fréhel and spent the day out there.

Cap Fréhel is an area in Northern Brittany. In this area there are two lighthouses; both of which we visited, and plenty of château's, where we visited one. The entire area was absolutely beautiful; loved seeing every second of the landscape. The beautiful aspect of it besides the actual landscape itself was the fact that it was threatening to rain the entire drive there. Then, of course, it DID rain on us. All in the experience, though! I loved every second of it. It made the entire experience more beautiful to me.
The lighthouses were really neat to explore; we went up in one, and it had...
140 steps.
yes people.
one of the shorter lighthouses, too.
Man, it's so awful that I was actually tired after ascenting that sucker.
Of course the view from the top was amazing. Looking over the rolling hills that dropped 70 feet of cliffs straight into the ocean. Beautiful.
To top that off with some cream, there were PENGUINS.
yeah. out of the zoo.
I didn't think I would ever see them unless I went to Antarctica.
But noooo! I did, everyone! From far away.. but hey, binoculars do their job.

Then we drove a bit farther down to the château. That was an experience to remember. It was built in the 1300's, and is one of the oldest in France. It was rebuilt in the 1920's. We got to go through the entire thing; it was an exciting castle to get to see.

Don't worry, I took lots of pictures.

As for tomorrow, who knows? We will just have to see.

Here, I just live my life day to day. It's more exciting that way.

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