Saturday, July 9, 2011

the gameplan. and EVERYTHING left to say.

Alright kiddos:

Tomorrow is the last day in France. Well. Kinda.

Tomorrow is the day that I SEE MY FAMILY.

I have been waiting for this day since the very day I got here.
That was a month ago.
I can't believe it's finally here. I am so grateful it is though!
But, this means i need to go pack... uh oh. BIG mess.

So anyway, here is the gameplan of the next MONTH. in one post. with almost no detail.

Tomorrow, Sunday, July 10.

Hopefully make it to church? Who knows, it's almost impossible for me to. Then at about 2, MY FAMILY COMES. Heck to the yes. Then we get together with the French fam, have a big dinner, yahhda yahhda yahhda. The whole welcoming drill. Then I leave to go sleep with my family at the hotel.

Monday, July 11.

Spend the day doing the same things I did with my cousins and grandparents; so see my great grandpa's WWII story things. Then that night, go to a show for France's Independence Day (which isnt until the 14 but its that night).

Tuesday, July 12.

Leave for Normandy. Normandy is where Mont Saint-Michel is. I PROMISE you, if you could see a picture, YOU WOULD know what it is. It's the most famous château in the world. It's a castle on an island.
Then in Normandy we will do more WWII things. Go to a couple beaches (where Utah Beach is, ps.) And that will commence the whole first half of the day. Then that afternoon we will drive to Paris, and FLY TO ROME. Yes, Rome. I leave for Rome, Italy that day.


In Rome. Doing who knows what. Eating gelato and pizza and pasta.


Fly back to Paris.

Spend a couple more days in Paris. Do some shopping, eating, sightseeing, etc.

Then fly to Africa. Kenya, to be exact.

Please, go watch this (if you want the short version)
and/or this (if you want the whole thing. i recommend this one.)


before you watch, be prepared for MATURE MATERIAL. This isn't "funny" stuff that we talk about. It's mature and that you need to have an open mind about, and it concerns the lives of millions of people in 3rd world countries everywhere.

This is the reason why my mom and I go to Africa.

The reason why I'm telling you all this now, is because I WILL NOT HAVE COMPUTER ACCESS UNTIL I AM HOME FROM AFRICA. Yes, it is going to be a very long time. Until August 1, to be exact. I am terribly sorry for this. But, what can I do about it?

I promise you all that I will have PICTURES when I get back!! From France, Italy, and Africa.

Oh, and the day after I get back from Africa, I go to Girl's Camp. Cool. Another week without blogging. It's okay though, I promise again to have pictures :)

So, this is one of my last posts for a whole entire month! Please take it seriously, go watch the videos I posted! They are extremely intruiging, important, and exciting if you would like to get involved :)

So, besides that, I think I have everything covered. Oh crap. Besides what I even did today, which was a fantastic day.

Okay so for today!

Went to the largest aquarium in Brittany. It was pretty cool. Definitely enjoyed it. It was far out though, in St. Malo.

This, my friends, is the city of lovers.
One day, I WILL take my lover here. It is absolutely perfect, in my eyes. Too bad google images does it no justice.

Still, everyone, just please go look it up. It's one of the oldest cities in Brittany. It is surrounded by a protective wall, and all the streets are buried in between huge, tall, houses. It's absolutely beautiful. It's a tourist's dream city to be in. Full of little shops for clothes, accessories, crêpes, restaurants, ice cream, etc. Not to mention absolutely STUNNING views of the ocean, an amazing beach, and full of history. LOVE IT. It also happens to be where several explorers came from, including Jaques Cartier (who founed Quebec, Canada.)

Then, the second city we went to was over to Dinan. Again, another very old city in Brittany. I put it second best to St. Malo. Same sort of thing.

Then, we got home late, and now I'm ready for tomorrow to come :)

I know I won't sleep. I guess that's fine with me.

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