Saturday, July 2, 2011


just like the title: this post is my journal for the day: a modge podge of things, thoughts...
and of course adventures.

first off; an apology. my past few posts haven't been on my trip at all.
that's because i haven't done anything those days.

like no, really.
on those days i woke up at 11, ate my usual crepes with butter and honey and my hot chocolate, read Lord of the Rings all day, sat on the computer blog stalking (real world blogs, as in designer clothing blogs, etc.), then eating dinner with the fam and sleeping. like i said, nothing.

but, today was different. i will explain.

first on the agenda for July the 2nd.
no i did not tell anyone about this haircut.
no i did not plan on getting one in the first place.
yes i did walk into a coiffure (hair salon) and get myself one.
yes i did pay for it with my OWN Euros (25 euros. thats like 30 bucks or so.)
and yes it did turn out a little differently than i imagined, and tried to explain.
language barrier. and cultural barrier.

but hey, an adventure, right?
and don't worry, it still turned out great:)
and HA. no pictures. (later i promise)

then after this, was a very long reading period outside in the sun and warmth (FINALLY)
I finished the first book in Lord of the Rings. Halfway through the second. I'm addicted.
then lunch.
then Florence's dad came at 15:00 (thats 3:00pm for you homeland losers)
and we went to the BEACH in ST. QUAY-PORTRIEUX.
ohh, it was lovely :)
i don't remember how long we stayed there, but then we went to dinner at le chez de Papi et Mami (the grandparent's house) and had dinner with the whole family for another birthday (there's been 2 so far since I've been here, and one tomorrow too.)
then finally, we came home.
i feel exhausted. and i need another run. i don't even want to know how much weight i'll gain here. hopefully i'll still be okay for XC (cross country) when i get back???!

okay so those were the events of today.
here's something special that happened today, something I'll remember for the rest of my trip, and for a long time.
I got online to write this post, and I checked my email.
I had received an email from a very close friend whom I have known since we met in 4th grade, and been best friends since.
She read my last blog post and sent me a very sincere email that touched me, and comforted me more than she could understand. Thank you, Isa. I love you so much. Thanks for always being there for me.
(p.s. folks: her blog is go to it. follow. read. yes.)
i love you all. i have more news!! but, i'll save it for tomorrow :)

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